Robert Weldon  aficionado practico
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Robert Weldon of New York City, was one
of the first to attend the Santa Maria School
of Bullfighting. During his first trip he learned
very quickly. In just three days he was able to
face his first brave animal. He was featured on
"Dreamchasers," a program on the Arts &
Entertainment Network. The film was a
complete documentary of his aficion, study at
the Santa Maria School, and his first triumph
in the ring. After his stay, Robert wrote the
following words about the school.

The Santa Maria Bullfighting School has
provided me with a place to learn and
explore a whole new facet of my already
established love for the art of bullfighting.
When I entered the ring for the first time
with an animal of brave blood, I wanted to
feel confident about what I was doing and
be able to rely on a guide and teacher that
I could trust. I feel lucky that my first
experiences have been directed by
Matador David Renk, not only because he
is a skilled and proven professional who
has faced hundreds of toros in corridas all
accross Mexico, but also because his
generosity and ability to instruct and
prepare aficionados practicos of all levels
inspires confidence.

The atmosphere at the Renk family's La
Querencia Ranch is very special, as their
home is a true taurine museum,
supplemented by fighting bulls out in the
pasture. The also heve a way of making
you feel that you have just been adopted
into the family.

I will continue to participate each year in
the IATA (International Association of
Taurine Aficionados) festivals as I believe
they are important events that provide a
home for aficionados from all walks of life;
a place to come together in order to learn,
risk, and celebreate our common passion
for the fiesta brava.

Robert Weldon
August 2003