Plaza Santa Maria
Amenities include:
Lighting for nighttime events

Sound system for music and

Large clean bathrooms
with showers

Covered concession areas

Parking for cars and buses
Overnight accomodations
for entertainers

Ambulance and security

Newly remodeled chapel

Private picnic area

Ringside box seating
Longinos Mendoza, Fred Renk, David
Matador David Renk, Desplante
The Plaza Santa Maria, with
seating for over 1000, was
constructed by Fred and David
Renk, with the help of other
family members and friends. It
was completed in January of
2002.  The fighting surface is
ninety feet in diameter.
Seating capacity was enlarged
to about 1200 with the
provision of additional boxes
and other seating on the east
side of the facility in the
Summer of 2004.
Rejoneador Goyo Nava of Houston Tx,