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Dna.Lisa Renk
   Dna. Lisa Renk is the wife of Ganadero Dn. Fred Renk. She is a talented
photographer, promoter/advertiser,  website builder and crafter.
Occasionally she would make beautiful and delicate rosaries for visiting bullfighters and
   Her specialty is of course in the kitchen. Her Cajun style cooking is famous from
McAllen to Monterrey. She keeps the bullfighters well fed with her delicious cuisine,
and laughing with her wonderful sense of humor.  In addition, Mrs. Renk also creates
the promotional advertising for the winter season of corridas presented from January
through March.
She is a very genuine person, and has been married to Fred Renk for 25 years this
January 4, 2016.
   She's the proud grandmother of  4 beautiful little granddaughters that is her hearts
delight! Among being called LaLa by her grandchildren, she is also known as "The Wiz"
by Fred Renk!