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To me, a ganadero has a tremendous responsibility.
After 50 years in
"el mundo taurino," I realized that being
a torero was only a minor part that one plays in this arena.
You can write, photograph, and even manage a torero;
assisting him/her in a career without much to do. It is quite
simple. At the professional level, GOOD BULLS ARE A
The unsung hero to me is the man that raises the bulls. He
tries and tries, and after years he may become a Garfias, a
Chafik, or a Llaguno. Believe me, there is a world out
there that very few afficionados give credit to. That world
encompasses the art and science of sellective breeding;
finding the right combination of traits, or characteristics, to
create an animal that can grow to have
trapio, great
nobility and the quality of being brave.

I hope that in these last few years of my life, I can at least
achieve part of this in my
Ganaderia La Querencia.

Don Rafael Mendoza, Don Arturo Garcia, and Don
Gerardo Martinez have achieved this greatness in their
breeding. There are other ganaderos like Don Oscar
Dominquez of Golondrinos that have had this for years.
My goal is to bring more Spanish blood into my heard. The
blood, to some degree (50%), is already there. These
animals we have thanks to Don Rafael Mendoza. He has
been working closely with me and my two sons, Matador
David Renk, and our
Mayoral Fred "Bink" Renk for
years. I am relieved, excited, and inspired  by the
knowledge that my life's work as a ganadero will live on in
my son Bink, who can handle an entire
camada by himself,
moving them through the corrals and chute system with
great ease.

I have to extend a special thanks to Richard and Dusty
Vela. Richard , the son of the famous bull breeder Rudy
Vela, who for years supplied some of the best bucking bulls
to the
Rodeo circuit.  A few years ago they aquired some brave
cattle and it was these older cows that we started with.
Richard has also supplied young heifers for our bullfight
school students to fight upon completing their course here
at La Querencia Ranch. We in turn, return the young bulls
that were raised here after their first performance in the
Santa Maria  Bullring. Some were excellent. Without his
help, we could never have gotten started. Thanks to the
Velas from all of us here at the ranch.

The Ganaderia de Toros Bravos
La Querencia has yet a
long way to go, but it has already presented some fine
young bulls. Both here at the Santa Maria Bullring and at
the exhibitions we have presented in other cities. The
seeds of a world class ganaderia have most certainly been
planted. With every new season, comes a harvest of brave
new blood.

Dn. Frederick J. Renk