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IATA, the International
Association of Taurine Aficionados

IATA was formed at a meeting at Fred Renk's ranch in 1999 by Fred; Eddie Cohn of Walnut Creek, California; and Bruce Hutton of San Diego. The Association now has approximately 100 members who represent the East, West, and Gulf Coasts, the Upper Midwest, many points in between, and several foreign countries.

Officers of the Association are:


Eddie Cohn       

bullet Fred Renk   
Executive Vice President
bullet Lyn Sherwood
Vice President, Public Relations
bullet Lisa Renk
Secretary / Treasurer
bullet Gene Bouse
bullet David Renk 
Director - Festival Organization
bullet Jim Verner
Director - Prácticos
bullet Enrique Delgado   
Director- Animal Selection and Purchases

IATA has sponsored a convention in October of each year. The first, in 2000, was held at the Plaza Monumental in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and honored Pepe Luís Vázquez, the famous and highly esteemed Mexican matador who had been involved in David Renk's training while David was preparing to become a full fledged matador. The event was a resounding success. Aside from appearances by Matador Vázquez and Matadora Raquel Martínez, it included outstanding performances by James Verner, who was then residing in  England, as well as David Moss and Rosita Morales, both of  Los Angeles. 

The Second Convention, in October 2001, was also held in Reynosa and was equally successful. Most of those who participated in 2000 returned, and Sal Miliziano, of New Jersey, who had fought as a novillero in Spain in the 60s, came and turned in an exceptional performance. Jim Verner was awarded the trophy for the day's best performance, for the second time.

The third annual convention was held at the Renk's La Querencia ranch in October 2002 and, apart from one rainy day,  was still another success. Those in attendance included the always proficient group from California, several from the East Coast, Jaime Plaster of London, England; and Jim Verner who now lives in Zaragoza, Spain.

IATA IV was held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and ran four days: October 16th through the 19th. Click on link below for details.

IATA V: See theNews page for information on our 5th Annual Convention, which will be held at Fred Renk's La Querencia ranch October 8th and 9th, 2004.

September 18, 2004


President's Message

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