Great Moments at La Plaza Santa Maria
Matador Enrique Delgado, gran figura
del toreo Mexicano,
with his elegant style
executes a  sublime natural.
Trofeos: Dos orejas y un rabo
Matador Longinos Mendoza, with a
estocada simulada, a symbolic
Trofeos: Dos orejas y un rabo  Maestro
Mendoza made taurine history by being the
first matador to take his alternativa in the
United States.
fotos y website:
P.O. Box 55 Santa Elena, Tx 78591  Tele: (956)481-3300  Fax (956)481-3800
Elizabeth Moreno, Novillera, in her triumphant 2005 Plaza Santa Maria debut.
Trofeos: Dos orejas   Also in 2005 she debuted in Plaza Mexico; again triumphing and
was awarded an ear.
The above three professionals are available for instruction, by appointment, at the Plaza Santa
Maria Bullring, La Querencia Ranch in La Gloria Tx.
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