Santa Maria Bullfighting School
Mission Statement
                  The Santa Maria School of Bullfighting
                  provides sound instruction and training in the art of
                  bullfighting to students of all ages in a comfortable
                  and safe environment. Instruction is provided by
                  fully qualified, experienced bullfighters.


Permanent Instructors:
David Renk,
Retired Matador de Toros
Fred Renk, Retired Novillero

Visiting Intructors
Pepe Luis Vasquez,
Matador de Toros
Raquel Martinez, Matadora de Toros
Enrique Delgado, Matador de Toros
Longinos Mendoza, Matador de Toros

Guest Advisors/Instructors
Jim Verner,
Aficionado Practico with over
40 years of experience

Tuition (for the five day course):   $1,950.00

Includes all of the following:

- Five days of instruction at the Plaza Santa Maria
- Transportation from airport (if required)
- Lodging and all meals
- Orientation Package: T-Shirt, Training Schedule, Bullfighting Glossary,
- Cassette of Bullfight Music, Book Two Hearts One Sword by Fred Renk,
- Bullfight Poster, Printout on the History of Bullfighting.
- Recreation: fishing, hiking, pool table, basketball, ping pong, library of
bullfight videotapes, etc.
- Training photos
- Training Video
- Certificate of Completion
- Use of all necessary equipment (cape, muleta, etc.)
- New equipment, imported from Spain, is available for purchase.

The school is located at the Renk's La Querencia Ranch in La Gloria, Texas.
La Gloria is 30 miles NNE of Rio Grande City and approximately 60 miles
NW of McAllen.  For additional information, contact Fred or Lisa Renk at
(956) 481-3300 or via email at

Student Photos and Comments

Edward Jeep    Kate Leffler    Kelly Tipps    Lyn Sherwood    Jim Verner  

Robert Weldon    Leonardo Zavala   Jorge Luis Valcarcel